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2 Head Linear Weigher

Two Head linear weighers are suitable for medium to large production runs and offer good weight accuracy and speeds. The weigher is recommended for automatic and semi automatic applications. At ADM we regularly adapt these to our ADM-DP3 Series pouch fillers, XD20 Pouch Filler, with great result. The weigher is user friendly, easy to clean and very stable in performance. They are offered in both vibration type or belt drive type weighers. The weight range based on selected model can achieve weights from 40g-12,000g (12kg).

  • Vibration type feeder 5L, 16L &  25L: Ideal for free flowing, lightweight product like sugar, salt, seed, rice, milk powder, coffee and seasoning powders
  • Belt drive type feeder 5L: Ideal for diced cauliflower, broccoli, onion slices, pitted dates and other semi flow products.


  • High precision digital load cell
  • Colour touch screen
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Tool-less removale of weigh buckets and vibration pans
  • IP65 grade construction
Model ADM-MX2.2-5L- Vib ADM-MXB2.2-5L- Belt ADM-MX2.2-16L- Vib ADM-MX2-25L-Vib
Range 40-3000 g 40-3000gg 400-12000g 400-12000 g
Accuracy 0.5-3 g 0.5-6g 1-10 g 1-10 g
Speed 10-32 wpm 10-32 wpm 10-20 wpm 10-20 wpm
Volume max 5000 ml 5000 ml 16000 ml 25000 ml
Programs 20
Products mix 2
Power 800W 500W 1200W 1200W
Power supply 240V, 50Hz, 4A 240V, 50Hz, 3A 240V, 50Hz, 7A 240V, 50Hz, 6A
Machine Size mm 890L, 760W, 1070H 1050L, 1060W, 1160H 1050L, 1060W, 1260H


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