ADM-MA14 (1.6L) Combination Head Weigher

14 Head Combination Weigher. This model with 1.6L weigh buckets is no longer stocked. Spares, parts and service remains available along with a 12 month warranty. A great opportunity for a great buy. Enquire below.

Multihead Combination Weigher

  • Free Flow Powders: Sugar, Salt, Spices, Milk powder, various sorts of powders, etc.
  • Granules & Seeds: Coffee beans, Rice, Sesame Seeds, Small Granules etc.
  • Dry & Processed Foods: Snack foods, Cereal & Health Foods, Confectionery, Biscuits & Bakery, Pasta, Grated Cheese, Nuts, Dried fruits, Pet Food
  • Non Food: Fasteners, plumbing parts, plastic, etc


  • Stagger dump
  • Digital sensors enhance the speed, precision and anti-jamming capability
  • SS Frame with IP65 protection, design allows for easy to assembly and cleaning.
  • Compatibility with packaging machines.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Combining high speed with high accuracy
  • Optional timing hopper, printer output
Weighing Range10-2000 g (3000g max) 
Weighing Accuracy0.1 – 1.5 g 
SpeedUp to 120 Bags/min 
Bucket Volume1.6 Litre 
StructureStainless Steel
DriveStep Motor
Preliminary Program99 Sets
Display Screen10.4 inch touch screen
Power supply240V , 50Hz, 1800W
Weight420 kg 
Optional – DimpleADM-MA14D-1.6L