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Auger Screw Conveyor

The ADM-Series Auger Screw Conveyor is constructed from stainless steel for hygienic and sanitary applications. It offers a positive feed drive for raw materials that require conveying to the processing area. The Auger Screw Conveyor rotates inside an enclosed stainless steel barrel and is driven via an electric motor. It is supplied with a hopper to offer a constant product feed to the Auger Screw. It is mounted on a movable stand with castor wheels for easy relocation and cleaning access.

The Auger Screw Conveyor can be custom-made to various lengths and feed rates with optional hopper sizes. It is suitable for all fine and coarse products (like beans, flour, powder and rice), dense sticky products and fluid based products.


  • Custom made lengths and feed rates
  • Positive feed drive for products conveyed
  • Stainless steel barrel driven via an electric motor
  • Stainless steel construction for durability and food safety
  • Suitable for fine, coarse, dense or fluid based products
  • Easy to clean


Model ADM-A2-2K-1.8
Type Round Barrel
Hopper size 100 litre
Lift Capacity Up to 2 m3 / hr
Power supply 415V, 50Hz, 0.6kW
Discharge height 1.8m
Tube size 101mm o/d

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