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Central Control System

The Central Control System essential consists of a single control cabinet with electrical and pneumatic equipment that controls the whole packaging line. It provides one location for the operator to start and stop the whole packaging line. Via a HMI touch screen the operator can select from different profiles or recipes. These profiles include a saved set of parameters that determine how the packaging line will run.

ADM engineers will design and build the Central Control System specific to your packaging line. Each one of our Central Control Systems include comprehensive and professional electrical and pneumatic schematics. The schematics will identify PLC wiring, circuit breakers, contactors, relays, motor control, I/O signals, safety circuits and Ethernet communication. The wiring diagram will also show how each machine is wired together.

The Central Control System saves time, space and money. It minimises the need for large control cabinets on each machine which would usually take up space around the machinery. Space around the machinery is important for the operators to walk around and provide good access to the machinery for washing and maintenance access. Central Control System provides a single location for the electrical feed to enter the packaging room. This minimises costs and minimises the use of exposed cables, conduits, cable ties in the packaging room.

The Central Control System can be located at a convenient location in your packaging room. This could be near an entrance or against a wall that is not used. Having the Central Control System away from the equipment keeps the electrical control equipment away from wash down areas.

Safety interlock and alarm monitoring system will let the operator know where in the line a fault has occurred which can be address quickly minimising downtime. For example, if someone has left an interlocked door open, the Central Control System identify which interlock is open and will prevent that machine from running in an unsafe state. The line control can be programmed to prevent other machinery from running. For example, if someone has opened a safety cage for a blender the Central Control System will prevent product from being loaded into the blender without the blender running.

The profile and recipe function can provide additional control over your packaging line. For example you may have a cheese grating line, and wish to grate for 2 minutes, convey the product to a blender and blend for 5 minutes and then open a gate for the product to feed the weighing system.

Talk to us today about how the Central Control System and Line Control can help you pack more efficiently and smarter.

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