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ADMPA Packaging Machines


In roasting warehouses and factories across Australia, there is a new player in the market. Introducing the ADM-DP31 Coffee Bag from the ADM-DP30 series. The DP31 is a customised coffee packaging machine specifically designed for packing coffee bags. This machine works with all sized and shaped bags, including gusseted block bottom, flat bottom, doy pouch, rippa zippa or pull tab bag to pack whole beans and ground coffee.

The ADM DP31 is designed and built in Australia’s coffee capital, Melbourne. As seen at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE), the ADM DP31 can fully automate your coffee packaging line. This includes weighing and accurately dosing the coffee beans or ground coffee, opening your coffee bag, and accurately filling and sealing, all in the one machine.

The ADM DP31 easily opens 250g, 500g and 1kg bags with a one way coffee valve. It uses special suction cups to open the plastic or paper bag and high powered vibration to then settle the coffee beans or ground coffee in the bag. It fills and seals the bag and prints the best before date, all in the same process. The machine also includes a quick 5 minute changeover time to allow for different bag sizes and also offers an optional dust extraction for ground coffee and nitrogen gas flushing to maintain optimal freshness of the coffee. Combined with a product transfer system and check weighing system, it’s a complete packaging system for your coffee packing needs.

Our in-house engineers will work with your floor plans to integrate existing systems and application requirements to customise your packaging line. Whether you need an entry level machine or a fully automated production line, ADM Packaging Automation are the experts in supplying packaging equipment to improve efficiency, increase productivity and deliver cost savings to your production line.

Contact us today 03 9484 8791 to see how our innovative packaging machinery can handle all your coffee packaging needs.

A 3D representation of a typical coffee packaging line. Click image to enlarge.

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Proudly Australian, ADM Packaging Automation is a leading innovator in packaging machinery and meets strict Quality Management Systems standards with ISO 9001:2015 Certification where required. Our equipment meets Food and Safety standards.

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