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Welcome to Formers by ADM Packaging Automation

ADM Packaging Automation, based in Melbourne Australia, has been manufacturing and supplying bag forming tools since 1995. Our formers are designed to suit all VFFS bag makers. New technology and innovative thinking ensures we stay up to date within the diverse flexible packaging industry. Therefore every bag former inquiry is important to us. Our priority is to supply the best forming collar and a guarantee for high performance with each former we build. No job is too big or small - and we love being challenged to meet an unusual packaging requirement. Contact us today to discuss your next bag former project.

Buy right. Buy once. Use our expert advice.

As more and more packaging machine suppliers enter the market place, competition grows but the downside can be worse. You could end up with poor or no local support when your VFFS packaging machine needs attention. Therefore some companies could end up spending more with unqualified contractors thus losing valuable production and possible new contracts and having to write off their purchase with the risk of repeating their mistake. This poor decision making driven by price adversely affects your business. In the end your productivity goals far outweigh the cost of the equipment. But until decision makers choose quality foremost, bad business decisions will continue. At ADM we are passionate about our work, proud of our achievements and professional in our approach.

Contact us for you next Former, VFFS machine or Project and let us be your partner in the future.

Referred to as VFFS Forming Collars, Forming Shoulder or Bag Former. We offer these Formers to all popular brand VFFS across Australia, these include:

    • ADM
    • BOSCH
    • MATRIX
    • ROBAG
    • ROVEMA
    • ILAPAK
  • PFM
  • TAM
  • ULMA
  • FUJI
  • WOLF

The flat bag width sizes range from the smaller 18mm to the larger 600mm plus flat bag width. Different shape Formers include:

    • Round Formers
    • Square Formers
    • Ellipse Formers
    • Rectangle Formers
    • Semi-circle zip-lock Formers
    • 4-sided seal Formers
    • Block bottom Formers
    • Gusseted Formers

All tools are custom made to suit most bag making machine.                Other associated works include:

    • Block Bottom & Gusset systems
    • Gas Flushing - Exposed or Hidden
    • Transition Tubes
    • Vacuum Inserts
    • Low Friction

ADM Packaging Automation

(03) 9494 8791
Intl.: +613 (03) 9494 8791

Address: 3 Kerr St Preston,
Victoria 3072 Australia

Proudly Australian, ADM Packaging Automation is a leading innovator in packaging machinery and meets strict Quality Management Systems standards with ISO 9001:2015 Certification where required. Our equipment meets Food and Safety standards.