ADM Packaging Automation have successfully manufactured bag forming tools for over 25 years locally in Australia. Our formers are designed to suit any bagmaker. New ideas and technologies keep us constantly up to date with this growing and diverse industry. Every former inquiry is important, and our priority is to supply the best forming tool and a guarantee for performance with each former built. There is no job too big or small or over challenging. Contact us for your next Former project.

ADM Packaging Automation offer a range of Bag Forming Tools to choose from, these models include:

  • Welded Formers
  • Formed
  • Solid Formers

The flat bag width sizes range from the smaller 18mm to the larger 600mm plus flat bag width. Different shape Formers include:

  • Round Formers
  • Square Formers
  • Oval Formers
  • Rectangle Formers
  • Semi-circle zip-lock Formers
  • 4-sided seal Formers
  • Block bottom Formers
  • Gusseted Formers

All tools are custom made to suit any bag making machine, so whatever your application may require, we'll have a former to suit. Other associated products include:

  • Block Bottom & Gusset systems
  • Gas Flushing - Exposed or Hidden
  • Transition Tubes
  • Vacuum Inserts
  • Card insertion
  • Low Friction
  • In-feed cones
  • Shakers


Offered as single or combination back-seal is the best solution for all applications.


Generally built as oval, square, rectangle and round.


Model is competitively priced to suit the budget.


Used for small specialized applications.