ADM Packaging Automation offer reliable Metal Detectors used for inspection of process lines and end of line packaging. The metal detectors are designed to detect ferrous and non ferrous contaminants. With a robust design to reduce vibration, the metal detectors can offer the best detection as specified. When metal is detected, these units offer output signals to activate for optional alarms, stop the conveyor, reject chute, air blast or light signals.


Inline Metal Detector Model for Foil Applications: ADM-MDF

Metal detector for after packaging your product. The ADM-MDF series can detect Ferrous and Stainless Steel particles in packaging that use aluminium foil. Typical applications include, chocolates, coffee, protein powder and dried meats.


Vertical Fall Metal Detector Model: ADM-VFD

Used prior to bagging, when metalized or foil film is used. Comes with food grade plastic cone, and bracketry. Interfaced with packaging line.