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ADM-DP30 Pouch Packaging Machine

Manufactured in Australia is the ADM-DP30 packs premade pouches and ADM-DP31 packs premade coffee gusset bags.  Built locally to Australian and international standards utilising the latest in automation technology from around the world such as Sick, Schneider, Panasonic, SMC, Omron and more. we are proud to promote these machines to the local and international markets. For these premade pouch packaging machines we promoted more technology and the intelligent function of the screen in order to minimise bag size changeover time. The ADM-DP31 has interchange options to include the ADM-DP30 functions and realising that one machine can do all your packaging styles, flat pouch, premade doy, quadseal gusset, premade coffee gusset pouch and more.

ADM-DP31 Coffee Gussett Bag Packaging Machine

As described above the ADM-DP31 premade coffee gusset bag packaging machine has a unique setup for a full gusset bag opening intended for packing bags designed for coffee beans and large products such as cookies with ease. Controlled by an intelligent touchscreen to offer many functions for coffee packaging and an extensive program. This is simple to run on all sizes and material types. This includes 250g, 500g, 1kg on laminated, PET, foil, craft paper bags and more.


With the emphasis to pack a large range of products including but not limited to are coffee beans, ground coffee, dairy powder, protein powder, spices, flour, oats, cereal, pasta, mixed lollies, beef jerky, pet foods, cookies, fine chocolates, hot chocolate powder, gourmet nuts, auto parts and many more, the pouch packing machine caters for wide bag opening for rapid filling and settling.


The bags are collated and automatically fed from the carousel to the bag pick up station. Here an option to fully print or bag labelling can be applied. As the bag passes through to the next station, a best before print is applied using thermal inkjet technology. At the next station the bag is opened ready for filling and settling. Once complete the bag moves to the final stage ready to be sealed and conveyed for end of line packaging. The machine is designed for as little a fast 5 minute bag size changeover. Simple to run using the best in suction technology and tested on all sizes and materials. We recommend the ADM-MX2.2 (5L) 2 head linear weigher or the ADM-L1 Auger Filler to be mounted above Pouch packaging machine


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Outfeed conveyor inline or return options
  • Anodised aluminium parts
  • Panasonic PLC& HMI
  • Automatic bag infeed drive
  • Bag support and shaker
  • Automatic program setup
  • Quick changeover
  • Guarding and interlocks to AS4024 standards
  • Leading Brands Omron, Schneider, SMC, Sick


Bag Type Pillow , Quadseal flat bottoms, Doy Gusseted, Quadseal
Bag Size 100-250(W) x 140-400(L)Up to 120(D) 250g, 500g, 1kg
Speed Up to 25 BPM Up to 15 BPM
Power supply 415V 50Hz 4.2kW
Air pressure 0.3 m3/min 0.6 MPa
Machine dimension (LxWxH) 2160x1920x1650 (return), 3150x1920x1650 (inline)

ADM-DP3 Series

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Proudly Australian, ADM Packaging Automation is a leading innovator in packaging machinery and meets strict Quality Management Systems standards with ISO 9001:2015 Certification where required. Our equipment meets Food and Safety standards.