ADM-NR-D Pouch Packaging Machine (Duplex)

The ADM-NR-D premade pouch machine is a rotary machine that enables even higher speeds packing of both liquid and dry product. The use of a duplex filling system means that two bags are simultaneously moved from station to station. The ADM-NR-D has a small footprint and can be operated by a single operator. With a quick change over time and the ability to pack up to 90 bags per minute the ADM-NR-D is a serious machine in the market place. The ADM-NR-D can fill doy pouch, flat pouch, flat bottom bags and spouted bags. The main advantage of the rotary machine is the the bag gripping is only performed once on the bag and is high enough not to interfere with the filled product.

Dry Fill

Dry filling can be achieve by use of a multihead weigher, auger filler or volumetric filler. The ADM-NR-S can talk to these filling equipments with ease. Optional dust extraction system can be added for dusty products.

Liquid Fill

With the emphasis on sanitary filling conditions, the ADM-NR-S can be built to an IP65 rated system. Use of a liquid filling can easily be performed on the ADM-NR-S series machine.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Allen Bradley PLC& Drives
  • Automatic bag infeed drive
  • Bag support and shaker
  • Automatic program setup
  • Quick changeover
  • Guarding and interlocks to AS4024 standards
  • Leading Brands: SEW, Motovario, SMC, Festo


Bag Type Doy, Flat Bag, Flat Bottom, Spout
Stations 8 9
Bag Size 80-110W x 350L
100-140W x 350L
130-160W x 350L
80-110W x 350L
Speed Up to 90 BPM
Power Supply 415V 50Hz
Air Pressure 0.6 MPa
Options Printer, zip opening device, gas flush, dust removal, washdown IP65 rated, product settling device


ADM-NR-D Series