ADM-XD2 Series Pouch Packing Machine

The ADM-XD20 Premade Pouch Packing Machine is engineered and built to local and international standards. Compact in size and loaded with automated process motion, it packs the large demanding premade bags that many machines fail to do. It performs best with bags that need better handling for the effects of large opening, high filling rate, minimal bridging filling demands and rigorous settling. It can adapt to various styles of pre made pouches. The machine is constructed in Stainless steel and machined parts are aluminium anodised. Its rugged design caters for all most environments including processed food, pet food, agriculture, bulk handling components and more.

Made in Australia, it packs large demanding premade bags up to 15 Litres with ease. The bagger includes a bag carousel, bag feed and heavy duty hold grippers. grippers. The filling funnel also contains anti blockage device and product settler below. The ADM-XD20 is a workhorse for most applications that previously involved operators manually packing. It mostly requires one operator to setup and run the machine saving on labour and increasing output.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Anodised aluminium parts
  • Panasonic PLC
  • Panasonic HMI touch screen
  • Automatic bag infeed drive
  • Bag support and shaker
  • Robust components
  • Automatic program setup
  • Quick changeover
  • Guarding and interlocks to AS4024 standards
  • Omron temperature controller
  • IMS driver


Model ADM-XD20
Bag Type Pillow bag, Gusseted bag, Quadseal bags, Doy pouch
Bag Size 200-360(W) x 300-500(L),
Up to 120(D)
Speed Max:15 BPM
Power supply 415V 50Hz, 4.2kW
Air pressure 0.4 m3/min 0.6 MPa
Packing Size 3450(W) x 1900(L) x 2000 (H)



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