Industrial Power Sieve

The ADM-VH1 200kg Power Sieve is a vibratory hopper system that is used to break up and screen product to improve processing efficiency. At ADMPA we developed the Industrial Power Sieve to break up clumped sultanas and raisins to improve the packaging process and the final product display quality. Fully constructed from stainless steel for durability and hygienic use in the food processing industry, the Industrial Power Sieve uses Swiss vibration mount and Italian vibromotors to transfer up to 2 tonnes of vibration force to the product. Reliable and built to the highest standards, the ADMPA Industrial Power Sieve includes a fully automated feeding system to integrate seamlessly into your existing packaging machinery line.


    • Durable reinforced stainless steel construction
    • Interchangeable mesh sizes
    • High/low sensor for fast and slow feeds
    • Up to 5G acceleration to break up products
    • Teflon coated mesh - Optional
    • Teflon coated main hopper - Optional
    • Platform & steps to AS1657
    • Australian made


Model ADM-VH1
Hopper opening size 1400 x 1400 mm
Capacity 200kg power sieve(saltanas), 50kg lower feed hopper
Feed rate 60kg/min max (saltanas)
Speed 1800 rpm max
Power Supply 415V, 50Hz, 1.1kW
Footprint inc platform 2900L x 2200W x 2400H mm

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