Vibratory Feeder

A vibratory feeder uses vibration to move material along a production line. The ADM-VF series Vibratory Feeder is manufactured from stainless steel and offers an economic and efficient system of feeding product to your automated packaging. Highly durable, it comes in a sanitary finish for use with food and non-food products.  

The vibratory feeder can be adjusted to suit various feed rates to offer a smooth continuous operation. It is a constant workforce machine in all production applications for free flowing products. It comes with a stainless steel hopper and can also be mounted to existing conveyors, bucket elevators and other feeding systems. 

Model: ADM-VF Series


    • Suitable for free flowing product
    • Adjustable feed rates for smooth, continuous operation
    • Durable stainless steel construction for food safety
    • Easy to clean
    • Free standing or mountable to systems
    • Easy access for cleaning


Type Vibratory feeder Vibratory feeder
Volume Up to 4m3/hr Up to 8m3/hr
Construction Stainless Chute Stainell Chute
Control box Adjustable vibration Adjustable vibration
Product Chute length 240W x 115H x 450L 480W x 115H x 450L
Option Sieve Sieve
Power Supply 240V 50Hz 0.25kW 240V 50Hz 0.50kW