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16 Head Combination Weigher

The Sixteen head combination weigher offers high speed weighing generally set aside for continuous motion VFFSHFFS, or when twin packaging machines are used. The added advantage of the weigher can also operate 2 x 8 heads allowing for two different product mixes or for packing of 2 lines. The 3 bucket levels system includes the memory level bucket and springless design and results in best weight accuracy and high speed performance.

  • Vibration type feeder: Ideal for free flow of small to medium size products such as sugar, salt, seed, rice, coffee, organic foods, seasoning powders, etc.
  • Granules & Seeds: Coffee beans, Rice, Sesame Seeds, Small Granules etc.
  • Dry & Processed Foods: Snack foods, Cereal & Health Foods, Confectionery, Biscuits & Bakery, Pasta, Grated Cheese, Nuts, Dried fruits, Pet Food
  • Non Food: Fasteners, plumbing parts, plastic, etc


  • High precision and high standard load cells;
  • Intelligent multiple sampling stable mode weighing for accurate weights;
  • Intelligent fault alarm to minimise maintenance downtime;
  • Anti blockage function by with the optomised high speed staggered discharging function;
  • Modular design makes mechanical and electronic components easy to install and maintain;
  • Modbus industry standard communication protocol, realize the interface combination of multihead weigher and packaging machine.
  • Springless actuator design makes weighing more stable at high speeds;
  • The new memory bucket to make weighing material storage, increase the combined probability and effectively improve the accuracy;
  • The main vibrating pan can be used for the multiple and mixed materials;
  • With independent main vibrator, respectively control the thickness of different materials;
  • Machine case and middle seat integral welding greatly enhance the strength of the machine, makes the hopper shorter stable time.

16 Head Weigher Specifications

Model ADM-MX16.2-0.5L ADM-MX16.4-1.6L
Weighing Range 10-200g 10-1000g
Weighing Accuracy 0.5 0.1 - 1.5 g
Speed 2x90 ppm (180ppm) High Speed with Memory level
Bucket Volume 0.5 Litre 1.6 Litre
Structure Stainless Steel
Drive Step Motor
Preliminary Program 99 Sets
Display Screen 10.4 inch touch screen
Power supply 240V, 50Hz, 2000W 240V, 50Hz, 1200W
Weight 420 kg 650 kg
Optional - Dimple ADM-MX16.2D-0.5L ADM-MX16.6D-1.6L
Optional SS 316 grade
Optional Timing Hopper / Rotary top cone / Printer


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