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Flat Pouch

ADMPA Packaging Machines

The flat pouch has three side seals and no gussets or folds and is ideal for smaller portion, single serve or sample product. They offer a cost efficient option as they require a minimal effort to package and seal. These consumer-friendly pouches are available in different finishes, multiple sizes and styles for attractive shelf display. They can be made of various materials such as plastic, foil and paper and are available with a clear window to see the inside contents. Options include tear notches, hang holes and resealable zippers. 

ADMPA Packaging Machines

Flat pouches can be premade or formed on a HFFS, or Pouch Inline/Rotary production line from printed packaging material, and then filled and sealed to suit your application. 

Common applications: tea, ground coffee, nuts, samples, ground coffee, spices, bath salts.

ADMPA Packaging Machines
3 side seals bag
ADMPA Packaging Machines
3 side seals bag with euro hole punch

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ADMPA Packaging Machines


ADMPA Packaging Machinery


ADMPA Packaging Machines


ADMPA Packaging Machines

Salad / Vegetables

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