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Pillow Pouch

These pouches are formed with the shape of a pillow with a bottom, top and back seal. They feature heat seals at the top and bottom of the pouch. There is also a centre seal at the back of the pillow that has a short flap running vertically from the top to bottom seal. Pillow pouches are widely used and are one of the most economical forms of packaging. They are available in different finishes, multiple sizes and styles. They can be made of various materials such as plastic, foil and paper and come in resealable and non-resealable varieties with the option of a hang holes for retail display.

Pillow pouches can be premade or formed on a VFFS production line from printed packaging material, and then filled and sealed to suit your application.

Common applications: chips, crackers, individual snack packs, confectionery, single-serve coffee.

Standard pillow
Standard with zip cross web
Standard with zip cross web & euro hole punch
Standard with euro hole punch

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Pet Food

Dry Pasta

Dried Fruit/Nuts



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