Coffee Packaging Machines

In coffee roasting warehouses and factories across Australia, there is a new player in the market. It is the ADM-DP31 Coffee Bag this version in the ADM-DP30 series. It is a customised coffee packaging machine specific to packing coffee bags. Whether you have a gusseted block bottom, flat bottom, doy pouch, rippa zippa or pull tab bag this machine can pack your whole bean and ground coffee.

coffee packaging machinery

We are changing coffee roasters' perspective on manually packing coffee. Roasters can now focus their attention on turning their green bean into the perfect roast coffee blend. Knowing that the ADM-DP31 can step up to the challenge of packing all those tonnes of coffee.

As demostrated at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) the ADM-DP31 can weigh and dose the correct weight of either coffee beans, or ground coffee, open your coffee bag, fill and seal. The ADM-DP31 has no problem opening 250g, 500g, and 1kg bags with the one-way coffee valve. Using special suction cups to open the bag and high powered vibration to settle the coffee beans, or ground coffee the ADM-DP31 will create a full looking sealed bag, with the best before date printed.

3D Layout

See 3D layout below of typical coffee packing line.

coffee packaging machinery

Designed and built in Melbourne, Australia's coffee capital by local engineers and fabricators. The machine offers a 5 minute change over time to different bag sizes. The ADM-DP31 uses the best suction cup technology to guarantee proper opening of your bag whether it is plastic film or kraft paper. We also provide optional dust extraction for ground coffee and nitrogren gas flushing to keep that coffee extra fresh. Combined with a product transfer system and check weighing system, ADM can offer a complete system to get that roasted coffee from roaster to bag to box ready for delivery to your baristas, cafes and coffee shops.