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ADM-H280D Stand up Pouch (HFFS)

The ADM-H280D is a duplex system, coupled with a twin timing hopper from a multihead weigher or twin dosing system, this machine can run up to 140 pouches per minute. The ADM-H280 will suit your high speed filling requirements. The Horizontal Fill Form and Seal machine can form both doy pouches and flat bags from a rewind film then fill and seal. The pitch between station is 280mm but as this is a duplex system this can run bags up to 140mm wide. This is perfect for the packing FMCG and only requires an operator to change film instead of manually loading each premade bag.


  • Duplex system
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Allen Bradley HMI
  • Omron, SMC, Festo sensors
  • Schneider switches, push buttons, pilot lamps
  • Omron temperature controller
  • Festo and SMC pneumatics
  • Pheonix terminals
  • Wuma motor
  • Full Safety Guarding
  • CE Approved Electrical
ADMPA Packaging Machines - ADM-H280Da
ADMPA Packaging Machines


Bag TypeDoy & flat pouch with zip option
Bag Size90-130(W) x 140-230(H) x up to 50(D)
SpeedUp to 140 pouches/min
Power supply415V 50Hz 11 kW
Air consumption0.6-1.5 m3/min 0.6MPa
Noise level<80 dB
Weight6000 kg
Machine dimension (LxWxH)7760 x 1450 x 1945 (mm)

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