Inline Check Weigher

By law in Australia your packaging must contain at least the net weight that the packet advertises. To avoid over filling your packaging with your product our aim is to get as close to the net weight as possible. Getting as close to the net weight has a direct result in minimising wastage. Often the use of a check weigher is essential if you are using a volumetric dosing system such as an auger filler.

If you are supplying a product to a supermarket or distributor often they will require you to have a weight checking system. The use of an inspection system such as a check weigher means that you can be reassured that your packaging line is operating efficiently with minimal product wastage.

The ADM-CW series provides a compact system, with both left to right and right to left configurations available. Used to automatically check the final packet weight this machine  operates on end of packaging lines. The Check weigher is manufactured in all stainless steel offering all the advantage needed in the food industries for cleanliness and sanitary options. The reject arm rejects removes over and underweight products. This eliminate any slowing down or stopping of production when products are rejected and provides the operator with the ability to do a check count of all the rejected products.


  • Advanced digital signal processing and high-speed stable weighing
  • Stable frame structure enables better accuracy
  • Records history data for checked weights and provides statistics function
  • Three separate transfer belts to achieve ultimate accuracy
  • Reject arm for over and under weights
  • Stainless steel construction
  • User-friendly operating system


Model ADM-CW1000 ADM-CW2000 ADM-CW6000
Weigh Range 10g-1000g 10g-2000g 10g-6000g
Speed  80 ppm 80 ppm 70 ppm
Accuracy +/- 1.0 g +/- 1.0 g +/- 1.0 g
Maximum Product Size 350(L) x 200(W) 350(L) x 280(W) 550(L) x 380(W)
Power source 240V 50Hz 240V 50Hz 240V 50Hz
Rated output 400W 400W 400W