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Stainless Steel Modular Conveyors Model: MCV Series

ADM Packaging Automation manufacture a range Stainless steel modular incline conveyors using the Intralox grade of belts to be used with VFFS and other applications for transferring products from a low lying position to new working heights. The conveyor is light in construction and can be offered in a full wash down version. The conveyor can be offered in different lengths on request and the incline section is designed to offer the customer an angle adjustment of 15 to 45 degrees for matching the belt exit to other equipments like metal detectors, check weighers, pack off tables and automatic packing stations. Other angle adjustments can be offered on request.


    • For use with VFFS and HFFS packaging machines
    • Intralox belts
    • Intralox belts
    • Fixed and Variable speeds
    • Adjustable height
    • Standard or custom made
    • Low base heights
    • Wash down
    • Mobile


Model Belt Type Belt Width Base LWR Incline Base UPR Angle
CON3B PVC 270 NIL 1690 NIL 30
MCV3B1 Intralox 356 640 1690 NIL 15-45
MCV3B2 Intralox 356> 1300 1690 NIL 15-45
MCV3B3 Intralox 356 640 1690 500 15-45
MCV3C1 Intralox 508 1300 1690 NIL 15-45
MCV3C2 Intralox 508 3500 1690 NIL 15-45
MCV3C3 Intralox 508 640 1690 NIL 15-45

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