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ADM Case Sealer and Erectors

ADM Packaging Automation offer a range of case sealers and case erectors for your end of line needs. They are available to suit most applications offering different constructions for any box orientations. They include side drive, top and bottom drives, semi and automatic designs as well simple winding adjustment to fine tune required heights and widths. The case sealing and erecting systems are built with least moving parts to minimise on maintenance and spares for the long production runs. For safety, all our case sealers and case erectors undergo a risk assessment as part of AS4024 for safe operation.

ADM – A Series Case Sealers

The A Series case sealers can be found in most food processing and packaging plants performing repetition sealing applications. Generally used as end of line systems, though they are not limited in this field. They are used in other fields that apply to transport, mail, mining, pharmaceutical, beverage, hospitality, fashion, cosmetics, warehouse, franchises and more.


Model ADM-A30_ ADM-A50_ ADM-A60_
Belt Drive 2 x Side Drive 2 x Side Drive 2 x Top, 2 x Bottom
Safety EM stop EM stop EM stop
Carton Size L130plus×W80-300×H90-300mm L150plus×W150-500×H120-520mm L150plus×W150-500×H120-520mm
Speed 20cpm 15cpm 15cpm
Tape Width 48mm (S=Standard), 60mm, 75mm (W=Wide Optional)
Table Height Mim.560mm, Max.760mm
Machine Size L1020lus×W850×H1390mm L1020×W850×H1390mm L1020×W850×H1480mm
Power supply 240V 50Hz 0.3kW 240V 50Hz 0.3kW 240V 50Hz 0.4kW
Weight 130kg 130kg 130kg

ADM – B Series Case Sealers

The B Series case sealers are more sophisticated systems offering automatic approach to case sealing as well as complexity. This includes automatic height adjustment, side sealing and automation case closing as options. The are used in plants where automation and efficiency is a priority. They can be located in many industries including food, transport, mail, mining, pharmaceutical, beverage, hospitality, fashion, cosmetics, warehouse, franchises and more.


FeatureAuto height & width adjustmentAuto flap close, height & width adjustmentManual Adjustment
Belt Drive2 x Side, 2 x Top2 x Side Drive2 x Top, 2 x Bottom
SafetyGuarding & EM stopGuarding & EM stopGuarding & EM stop
Carton SizeL150plus×W150-500×H120-520mmL150plus×W150-500×H120-520mmL150plus×W150-500×H120-520mm
Tape Width48mm (S=Standard), 60mm, 75mm (W=Wide Optional)
Table HeightMim.560mm, Max.760mm
Machine SizeL1200×W920×H1390mmL1700×W920×H1500mmL900×W950×H1280mm
Power supply240V 50Hz 0.4kW240V 50Hz 0.5kW240V 50Hz 0.4kW

ADM Packaging Automation 

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Proudly Australian, ADM Packaging Automation is a leading innovator in packaging machinery and meets strict Quality Management Systems standards with ISO 9001:2015 Certification where required. Our equipment meets Food and Safety standards.

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