ADM-B2-50L Entry Level Auger Filler

Semi Automatic Auger Filler

Semi automatic auger fillers are introduced as entry level fillers and for small run applications if full automation is not required. They offer similar characteristic as most auger fillers and come in various sizes to suit a range of applications. They are supplied mainly as stand alone or bench tops. These augers can measure and fill accurate weights for most free and non free flow products. They are suitable for free flow and non free flow powders, like milk powder, rice powder, coffee powder, solid drink, condiment, white sugar, dextrose, food additive, fodder, pharmaceuticals, agriculture pesticide, and so on.

Model ADM-B2-50L
Hopper Volume fill
Hopper Split hopper 50L
Weight 10 – 5000g
Accuracy <1kg,<1%, >1kg, <0.5%
Speed 5-30ppm
Power 1.5kW
Weight 260kg
Dimensions 1140x970x2200H

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